MPX-1 Encircled Flux meter

The MPX Modal Explorer provides real-time measurement of Encircled Flux. Simply connect your source and patchcord to the MPX, and it will measure their Modal Launch Conditions in real-time.

Standards compliant – have confidence in its accuracy

Encircled Flux is now widely accepted as the preferred way to specify modal filling by IEEE, TIA and IEC. Measurement of Encircled Flux is defined in FOTP-203 – the “Modal Explorer” is the most standards-compliant measurement system available today and has been chosen by major standards labs in the USA and Europe as the basis for their critical measurements.

Robust and reliable – ready for production

Its compact size and solid design make it the tool of choice in cable makers, fiber optic instrument companies and VCSEL, laser and LED source makers. In use in factories every day, major players in the industry rely on the Modal Explorer. This version of software also supports the MPX API – a new way to access data and control the MPX programmatically. This enables automated testing and incorporation of the MPX into automated test routines.
NOTE – Latest software release – Version 8.0

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MPX software v8 04
MPX software v8 05
  • End face mode for precise focus giving better repeatability from operator to operator
  • Power monitor - ideal for optimising light throughput and modal conditions together for production of pig-tailed light sources
  • Real-time measurement - means for the first time you can adjust modal conditions easily as well as increase productivity
  • Internal LED for use as Encircled Flux reference source - complies with IEEE 802-3 for coherent sources
  • USB2.0 direct connection gives portability - ship the Modal Explorer to distant locations with the optional carrying case plus a laptop
  • API software control feature designed for use in the production environment
  • Source and patchcord characterization for IEC 11801 LAN testing
  • VCSEL characterisation for Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.3
  • Mode-scrambler and mode-filter characterization
  • LRM Encircled Flux measurements
  • Set up fiber coupled sources


    850nm (Encircled Flux measurement range is from 400 to 1100nm but End Face Inspection and Focusing is at 850nm)


    26w x 27d x 9h (cm); 10w x 10.5d x 3.5h (in)


    2.5kg; 5.5lb

    Image sensor

    CCD array, 12 bit, 4.65µm square pixels

    Dynamic range


    Maximum core diameter


    Maximum source power

    Approx 10 mW (depends on power density, fiber type etc)

    Input connector adaptors available

    Universal 2.5mm ferrule ; LC (both supplied as standard) FC, ST, SC, MTP, Bare fiber (optional)

    End Face Inspection and Focusing

    850nm LED

    Built-in reference source

    850nm LED, FC connector, over-filled ( 110µm core diameter; 0.37 N.A.)


    External switched mode power supply (supplied)

    Connection to computer

    USB 2.0 (USB B to USB A: 2m cable supplied)

    Computer requirements (minimum specification)

    1.5GHz or higher processor, 1GB RAM ; USB 2.0 port - NOTE system will not work with USB 1.1 port

    Operating systems supported

    Windows 7/8/10 32bit or 64bit

    Operating Temperature

    0º - +50ºC


    5%-95%, relative, non-condensing

Part number Description
MPX-1 MPX-1 system for modal analysis of multimode fibers at 850nm, including optical unit, cables, software package and user manual. System is supplied with a universal 2.5mm connector adaptor and an LC connector adaptor. Computer not included. See product specification for information about computer configuration.
MPX-API MPX API software add on, designed for accessing and controlling the MPX for automated testing (additional license required)
MPX-CC-01 Rigid carrying case for MPX-1
MPX-CC-02 Rigid carrying case for MPX-2
MPX-CP01 Chrome-on-Glass calibration artefact and software package for MPX-1 and MPX-2 to enable user calibration traceable to NPL standards. Includes Chrome-on-Glass artefact, software CD and operation instructions
MPX-CAU250 Input connector adaptor for 2.5mm diameter ferrule connectors, universal (supplied as standard with MPX-1 and MPX-2)
MPX-CALC Input connector adaptor for LC connectors (supplied as standard with MPX-1 and MPX-2)
MPX-CAFC Input connector adaptor for FC connectors
MPX-CAFC/APC Input connector adaptor for FC/APC connectors
MPX-CASC Input connector adaptor for SC connectors
MPX-CASC/APC Input connector adaptor for SC/APC connectors
MPX-CAST Input connector adaptor for ST connectors
MPX-CAMTP Input connector adaptor for MTP connectors
MPX-CAMT Input connector adaptor for MT ferrule
MPX-CAMTRJ Input connector adaptor for MTRJ connectors
MPX-SR3 Fiber shaker with 2 fibers ( 1 x OM1 and 1 x OM2 ); FC/PC connectors on input and output
MPX-UEW3 MPX extended warranty covering parts and labour for 3 years from purchase, return to base. Cover excludes camera.
APL-LC Laptop computer, pre-installed with application software
APL-DC Desktop computer, pre-installed with application software