VFI-2000 Interferometer

The VFI-2000 is an interferometric inspection system specifically designed for checking the quality and flatness of large diameter fibers and rods. The VFI interferometer has proven itself in Research, Production and QA environments

Superb optical quality

We pride ourselves at Arden Photonics on crisp end-face images, showing every defect and high contrast fringe patterns, making it easy to estimate end angles. The 5Mpixel camera in the VFI-2000 helps to show every detail and gives ample digital zoom capability, up to a diameter of 2000µm. The two modes of operation – inspect and fringe – allow users to check both the flatness and end quality of a cleaved or polished fiber end with just one insertion.

For more cleave images – Click here
Flexible software

The VFI comes with an efficient software package containing controls to switch between fringe and inspect mode built in. It also allows users to grab and save images for later use. The report generator enables users to include up to 20 cleave images in one report along with comments. Other features include – intensity line profile, intensity histogram, auto-optimisation of intensity, end angle estimation, radius of curvature estimation, psuedo-color rendering and review of stored images.

Latest software release – version 5.0 – Click here for more details


Fiber holders
Arden Photonics holders are designed and produced using stainless steel to ensure precise alignment. Our holders allow you to conveniently hold the fiber in a V groove using soft but secure magnetic strips, for accurate repeatable measurements. The fiber is held close to the tip of the holder to reduce the possibility of curling at the end face, and with a variety of sizes and angles available the VFI can be used to measure speciality fibers with no problem.
Factory fitted options
The VFI can be ordered with factory fitted extras to more fully meet the particular specification that you require. The standard fiber handling stage can be replaced with a laterally adjustable stage designed for quickly and efficiently imaging ribbon structures.

Furthermore, we realise that the VFI is used in conjuction with precision splicing and cleaving equipment. So by using adaptor plates the VFI can accommodate industry standard fiber holders from Vytran, Fujikura, FITEL and Photon Kinetics. Please note that because these holders are designed for use with other equipment they cannot be used to self calibrate the VFI. IF you would like to self calibrate an Arden holder must be used.

If you want to use the VFI with another type of holder please contact us as our engineers may well be able to help design an adaptor plate to suit your requirement.

After sales services

Contact Arden Photonics for information on our comprehensive packages (extended warranties, calibration programs, software upgrades, etc.) and per-incident services (repair, calibration, etc.)

Technical Specification
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Ordering Information
  • 5Mpixel camera gives x6 digital zoom
  • Accepts 400 to 2000µm fiber diameters
  • Arden, Vytran, AFL/Fujikura, Furukawa/FITEL and PK holders
  • End angle/radius of curvature estimation
  • Inspect and Fringe modes
  • Flat and angled ends
  • User calibration facility
  • Laser manufacture
  • Medical device manufacture
  • Fiber R&D
  • Fiber end cap manufacture

    Field of View

    2000µm maximum with x1.5, x2, x3 and x6 digital zoom


    24w x 24d x 9h (cm)



    Image sensor

    1/2 inch CMOS array, 8 bit

    Effective pixels

    1920x1920, 2.2µm square pixels

    Fringe resolving power


    Maximum frame rate

    6.3 fps

    LED wavelength


    Accuracy up to 2º

    < 0.1°

    Accuracy up to 10º

    < 0.2°

    Image format

    8 bit JPG

    Connection to computer

    USB 2.0 (USB B to USB A: 2m cable)

    Operating temperature

    0º to +50ºC


    5%-95%, relative, non-condensing

    Operating systems support

    Windows 7/8/10 32bit or 64bit

    Computer requirements

    2GB RAM; USB 2.0 port - NOTE system may not work with USB 3

Part number Description
VFI-2000 Interferometric inspection system for fibers with diameters from 400 to 2000μm. Includes VFI-2000 optical unit; VF-H0/0400 fiber holder for 400μm fibers; VFI-FTK400 fiber samples; PC software; USB cable; power supply. Computer not included.
VF-H0-400 Arden fiber holder for 400µm fiber, perpendicular cleave vfi holder
VF-H0-600 Arden fiber holder for 600µm fiber, perpendicular cleave vfi holder
VF-H0-800 Arden fiber holder for 800µm fiber, perpendicular cleave vfi holder
VF-H0-1000 Arden fiber holder for 1000µm fiber, perpendicular cleave vfi holder
VF-H0-2000 Arden fiber holder for 2000µm fiber, perpendicular cleave vfi holder
VF-H0-2500 Arden fiber holder for 2500µm fiber, perpendicular cleave vfi holder
VF-H0-2.5FER Arden fiber holder for 2.5mm ferrules
VF-H6 Arden angled fiber holder for 125µm fiber, fiber tilted at 6 degrees vfi angled holder
VF-H8 Arden angled fiber holder for 125µm fiber, fiber tilted at 8 degrees vfi angled holder
VF-H10 Arden angled fiber holder for 125µm fiber, fiber tilted at 10 degrees vfi angled holder
VF-H12 Arden angled fiber holder for 125µm fiber, fiber tilted at 12 degrees vfi angled holder
Factory fitted options
VF-RS VFI front stage with lateral adjuster designed for ribbon structure inspection (factory fitted to VFI-2000)
VF-MPF VFI mounting plate for Fujikura style fiber holders (factory fitted to VFI-2000) vfi fitel holder
VF-MPFT  VFI mounting plate for FITEL/Furukawa style fiber holders (factory fitted to VFI-2000)
VF-MPPK VFI mounting plate for Photon Kinetics style fiber holders (factory fitted to VFI-2000)
VF-MPV VFI mounting plate for Vytran style fiber holders (factory fitted to VFI-2000) vfi vytran holder
Other options
VFI-CC-01 Rigid carrying case for VFI
VFI-UEW3 VFI extended warranty covering parts and labour for 3 years from purchase, return to base. Cover excludes camera.
VFI-UEW5 VFI extended warranty covering parts and labour for 5 years from purchase, return to base. Cover excludes camera.
VFI-FTK400 VFI fiber samples, 400μm diameter, for checking VFI-1200 alignment and calibration
APL-LC Laptop computer, pre-installed with application software
APL-DC Desktop computer, pre-installed with application software