The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and Arden Photonics collaborate to enhance the accuracy of optical fibre measurements

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and Arden Photonics are long-time partners and recently worked together again to develop Arden’s Fibre Cladding Diameter Artefact FGC-FCD125, a retractable fibre holder specifically designed for Arden’s FGC Fibre Geometry System.

The retractable holder was developed in conjunction with NPL and the FGC Fibre Geometry System was assessed by NPL. These provide many benefits to industry such as market-leading precision, ensuring the highest level of accuracy, empowering optical fibre manufacturers to confidently validate and produce innovative fibre.

It is designed to be user-friendly and minimizes the risk of dust contamination during measurement leading to accurate and reliable results.

Both NPL and Arden are dedicated to continuous advancements in fibre measurement technology.  The partnership allows for future collaboration that will empower optical fibre manufacturers to produce better optical fibres, paving the way for a brighter future.

Robert Ferguson, Higher Scientist, NPL, said: “Working closely with Arden Photonics has again shown the value of technical collaboration with the aim of enhancing quality and success of UK instrument manufacturers in this key area. We continue to provide metrology support for state-of-the-art communication interconnects.

David Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, Arden Photonics said: “This collaboration represents a positive step forward for both Arden and NPL. It underscores our shared commitment to working together to improve accuracy and set higher standards within the optical fiber measurement industry. We constantly look for collaboration opportunities to ensure our measurement solutions deliver high measurement accuracy and values to our customers.”

Please also see the joint statement on NPL’s website.

To find out more about Arden’s Fiber Geometry System, please visit our product page.

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