The VFI Interferometric Fiber Inspection System – Latest Software

Release v5.1 of VFI software is applicable to users of the VFI-200, the VFI-1200 and the VFI-2000.

We strongly recommend all applicable users to upgrade. Please contact to get a quotation.

Please note – the predecessor to the VFI was the VF-20. VF-20s are not supported by the Version 5.1 software. If you have a VF-20 and you want to take advantage of the latest software, we recommend to book an evaluation of the new VFI-200 or VFI-1200 as soon as possible.

Main features:

Feature Benefit
Auto measure function 1 click measurement providing fiber diameter, end angle and edge damage percentage data. Great for the production environment.
USB 3.0 camera support Improve software speed and responsiveness, while maintaining great image quality
Pass/Fail indicators Gives technicians easy to use quantifiable pass fail criteria
Calibration report Newly introduced calibration report to make user calibration even easier.
Angle orientation measurement Adds measurement of the orientation of the angle with respect to the top edge of the field of view, allowing the orientation of the angle to be compared against other features on the image
2 decimal point precision measurement of angle to 2 decimal points

Screen shots

VFI v5.1 in “Fringe” mode

VFI v5.1 in “Inspect” mode

VFI v5.1 with polished fiber

Software Version Feature Guide

Software version number V 2.2 V 3.0 V 4.0 V 4.2 V5.0 V5.1
Release date 01/12/2011 29/01/2014 01/07/2015 06/01/2016 02/03/2018 07/06/2019
User Manual Issue #  11 16 19 21 21
Intensity histogram
False colour display
Magnification calibration utility
End angle calculation
Camera exposure control/optimise
Report generator
Camera gain control
Camera gamma control
Auto detect fringe width
Cursor to change ROI
Easy switching between “Fringe” and “Inspect” mode
JPG image output format
Auto detect linear fringes using FT
Support Windows 8
Support 32-bit and 64-bit processors
Fine adjust of ROI using mouse
New keyboard shortcuts
Measure radius-of-curvature of polished fibers
Fully automated Fringe/Inspect mode switching
Improved auto-exposure
Full-screen image mode
Export reports to Microsoft Excel
Improved image measurement tools
User interface improvements
Windows 10 Support
On-screen scale bar
Up to 20 images per report
VFI-2000 Compatibiltiy
USB-3.0 camera support
Pass/Fail indicator
Calibration report
Angle orientation measurement
2 decimal point precision