Careers with Arden


We believe the key to Arden’s success is our people, our most valuable asset.  To cope with the continuous growth of Arden, we hire and train talented individuals from diversified backgrounds.  Our investment in staff and training not only provides Arden with an energetic and knowledgeable workforce but also creates a promising and rewarding career path for our staff.

Joining Arden means you are ready to take on the challenge of working with some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies who develop and manufacture innovative products that will change the world and improve our lives.   Arden’s products are deployed in their laboratories and production lines to help them validate their products, reduce their production costs and increase their efficiency.  

Arden is playing a pivotal role in the industry, and so can you! 


Why should you work with Arden?

Over the years, Arden has cultivated a working culture of openness, teamwork and innovation.  We welcome talents to join Arden with diversified backgrounds and skillsets.  We believe only by doing so, we can come up with out-of-the-box solutions and services to our customers. 

We offer opportunities for ambitious individuals to work with the world’s biggest manufacturers and enable them to produce innovative products that will change the world and improve our lives. 

We offer competitive salaries and fringe benefits to the right candidates.  Please feel free to send us your CV at and speak to us.

Technical Support

Our aim is to make certain that you get the kind of support you need to ensure your investment keeps repaying you, year after year. Whether your Arden product is in the laboratory and needs to be at the leading edge of technical developments or in a production environment where down-time is critical, we believe we have support which can be tailored to suit you.


Our Product Range