MPX-SR3 Fiber Shaker

Arden’s MPX Modal Explorer makes measurement of Encircled Flux easy, and accurate, and it complies with international standards. But if you are measuring laser-based transmission light sources for multimode systems you may need to use a test jumper assembly and fiber shaker in order to avoid “speckle”. Industry standards (for example IEEE 802.3aq and FOTP– 203) call for the use of a mechanical fiber shaker.

The MPX-SR3 Fiber Shaker reduces speckle by changing the differential path length of the various modes in the fiber. The fiber is shaken continuously during the measurement to allow the speckle to be averaged out. This will ensure sufficient repeatability for the measurement of the Encircled Flux.

The MPX-SR3 Fiber Shaker has two channels. One channel contains OM1 (62.5/125 µm Graded Index fiber) and the other OM2 (50/125 µm Graded Index fiber), also available with OM3 and OM4 fiber. Each channel has an input and output port fitted with FC/PC connectors as standard.

Multimode laser source without Shaker

Multimode laser source with Shaker

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