nPA-600 Refractive Index Profiler

Measure refractive index of optical fibers up to 600 µm in seconds!

The nPA-600 is the quick, easy and low-cost way to get the refractive index data you need to verify your standard and specialty fibers.

Minimum fiber preparation is required, and the clean, efficient graphical user interface allows the user to fully characterise their fibers, with minimal training or experience. The nPA-600 provides accurate and repeatable refractive index data, giving valuable information about fiber design and the manufacturing process.  The nPA-600 comes with nPA v3.0 software which boosts system performance and improves user experience, and its new API allows the nPA-600 to integrate to other systems seamlessly. Optional plug-insenable new functionalities such as measuring the geometry of single-mode and PM fibers.

The nPA-600 Refractive Index Profiler uses a modified refracted nearfield technique to analyse the end-view grey-scale intensity profile of a fiber to determine its full 2D refractive index distribution.

There is no need to rotate the fiber or scan the fiber endface, resulting in a very fast measurement, meaning that the nPA-600 is suitable for production lines, research and development labs, or QA environments.

nPA-600 Refractive Index Profiler

Features and Benefits

  • Measure fibers up to 600 µm in diameter
  • Prepare and measure a fiber sample in under 2 minutes (2D measurement in seconds)
  • Measures circularly symmetric fibers and non-circularly symmetric fibers, such as polarisation maintaining, octagonal, and multi-core fibers
  • Preinstalled with production-ready nPA v3.0 software
    1. Region cursor markers give an average of the refractive index of the marked region
    2. Option to display target refractive index template alongside with actual fiber profile
    3. API facilitates users customisation and integration with other systems.
    4. Various measurement and output options for better system performance and user experience
    5. Optional plug-ins enabling new functionalities
  • Traceable calibration and new calibration tools

nPA-600 Refractive Index Profiler

nPA 2.0 screenshot

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