FGC-GT Fiber Geometry System

The FGC range is the complete solution for measuring the dimensions of standard and specialty fiber in both production and R&D environments. 

FGC-GT measures fiber glass geometry for fibers up to 500 µm diameter.

Features and Benefits

  • Measures the widest range of fiber sizes and types – single unit solution means less bench space, reduced training
  • Standards compliant – calibrated to international standards, ensuring confidence in its accuracy
  • Production ready – reliable, repeatable, operator-independent results in seconds
High Image Quality

The FGC uses a Darkfield Imaging system which gives a clear image of the
fiber end face, and with our high quality optics and camera users are able to
measure the widest range of fibers, from standard fibers to specialty fibers. 

The system is supported by both NPL in the UK and NIST in the USA.

Production-Ready Software

The FGC software allows users to quickly and easily get both core and cladding geometry measurements including diameter, non-circularity and concentricity. The software contains measurement templates for all standard telecoms fibers. Users can also create their own templates and measure many special fiber types including dual clad fiber, bend insensitive fiber, multicore fiber, polarisation maintaining fiber and many more.


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