MPX-CP01 User Calibration Artefact

The MPX-2 Modal Explorer provides real-time measurement of Encircled Flux at 1300nm. Simply connect your source and patchcord to the MPX, and it will measure their Modal Launch Conditions in real-time.

The MPX Calibration Artefact is a Chrome-on-Glass annulus traceable to NPL in London. The artefact is easily mounted in the Modal Explorer using an adaptor of the same design as those used for mounting the connector. The software package supplied with the artefact automatically calculates the magnification factor of the MPX optical system. After acceptance by the user the magnification factor is stored in the MPX configuration file for future use. The whole process can be completed by an engineer in just a few minutes.

This means that you can incorporate the MPX into your company’s QA procedure without the expense and down-time of sending it back to the factory for re-calibration.This artefact is the same design as the one we use in-house to calibrate the MPX during factory QA. If you are using the MPX for critical production measurements we recommend a 1 year recalibration cycle for your MPX and a 5 year calibration cycle for your artefact.

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