FGC-GS Fiber Geometry System

The FGC range is the complete solution for measuring the dimensions of standard and specialty fiber in both production and R&D environments. FGC-GS – fiber glass geometry for fibers up to 1000 µm diameter.

Darkfield Illumination

The Arden Photonics darkfield illumination system allows the software to show a clear live image of the end face of the fiber by illuminating the end face of the fiber and imaging the reflected light. This allows users to inspect the end face of the fiber whilst taking geometry measurements. The darkfield method of fiber geometry measurement is supported by both NPL in the UK and NIST in the USA.

Efficient Software

The FGC comes with an efficient software package containing controls to switch between reflection and transmission mode. This allows users to quickly and easily get both core and cladding geometry measurements including diameter, non-circularity and concentricity. The software contains measurement templates for all standard telecoms fibers, however users can also create their own. This allows the measurement of many special fiber types including dual clad fiber, bend insensitive fiber, multicore fibers, polarisation maintaining fibers and many more.

After sales services

Contact Arden Photonics for information on our comprehensive packages (extended warranties, calibration programs, software upgrades, etc.) and per-incident services (repair, calibration, etc.).

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