OTDR Launch Boxes

Arden Photonics supplies a range of highly ruggedized OTDR Launch boxes, available in single mode, 50µm and 62.5µm diameter core fiber. When measuring fiber optic cables using an OTDR, our launch boxes help to minimize the effects of the OTDR’s launch pulse thus improving the accuracy of the measurement. Our high quality launch boxes come in three housing formats:

  • Rugged “PELI” box versions are airtight, watertight and incredibly tough. These military approved cases are
    IP65 rated and are used in the harshest environments. Select this version if you want the best protection
    for your lead-in fiber.
  • ABS “Midi” style enclosure is slightly larger than the “Euro” for longer fiber lengths.
  • Aluminium “EuroCard” enclosure is smaller, lighter than the PELI case offering an ideal solution for factory
    or lab environments where space is at a premium.