CMC-1550 Modal Content Analyser

The CMC-1550 Modal Content Analyser is designed for measuring the modal characteristics of each individual mode in few-mode fibers and hollow core fibers which have complicated fiber structures.

Consisting of two different units – a launch unit and a receiver unit, it employs the spatially and spectrally resolved imaging (S2) technique to identify and characterise the fiber’s individual mode, estimate its mode-dependent propagation loss, and assess its mode coupling effects.

The CMC-1550 obtains the Differential Group Delay (DGD) for each propagation mode and the relative intensity (or Multipath Interference (MPI)), compared to the most excited mode. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the individual mode characteristics and their interactions within the fiber, helps to reconstruct the propagation mode profiles and phases of the guided modes of the fiber under test.

Features and Benefits​

  • Measure hollow core and few mode fibers, up to 400 μm in diameter
  • Reconstruction of propagation mode profiles and phases
  • Calculate the relative intensity of high order modes compared to the most excited mode
  • Calculate the DGD of the propagation modes
  • Loop measurement mode enables real time measurement
CMC-1550 user interface

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