Measurement services  – Encircled Flux


Using an optical fiber light source with the correct modal launch conditions is essential for the accurate measurement of loss and bandwidth in multimode cable systems and components. Arden’s Modal Explorer is the industry’s leading, fully standards compliant measurement tool of choice for measuring modal launch conditions in laboratories and factories around the world.

Now you can have the benefit of knowing the Encircled Flux of your source without owning a Modal Explorer by taking advantage of our extensive in-house measurement capability, the same one we use to make “ModCons”.

The process is simple. You send us your light source, and we provide a detailed report of the Encircled Flux at 850 nm, 1300 nm or other wavelengths by special request. We ship your source and test report back within 5 days of receipt.

Measurement services  – Refractive Index Profile

nPA 2.0 screenshot

With our flagship refractive index profiler nPA-600, we are able to provide refractive index profile measurement service for your fibers.  We can measure large circular and non-circularly symmetric optical fibers, including polarisation maintaining, octagonal, and multi-core fibers, up to 600 µm in diameter.  Apart from obtaining accurate refractive index profile data, we can also generate accurate and clear images of your fibers with customised views of the required data. 

Measurement services  – Fiber Geometry

With our FGC-G fiber measurement system series which is calibrated to international standards, we provide comprehensive and accurate fiber geometry measurement services.  We measure most fibers, both standard and specialty fibers, up to 800 µm in diameter.  The output is the clear images, and the accurate geometry data of your fibers, including core diameter, cladding diameter, core non-circularity, cladding non-circularity, core-to-cladding concentricity.

If you have any measurement requirement for your fibers, please feel free to speak to our team of passionate optical fiber measurement specialists or email us at

Technical Support

Our aim is to make certain that you get the kind of support you need to ensure your investment keeps repaying you, year after year. Whether your Arden product is in the laboratory and needs to be at the leading edge of technical developments or in a production environment where down-time is critical, we believe we have support which can be tailored to suit you.


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