ALS Aerospace light source

The ALS handheld optical fiber source is used with an Optical Power Meter to measure the loss of multimode optical fiber systems, in applications which require 85/85% Limited Phase Space modal launch conditions. The ALS provides excellent stability and ease of use.

The 85/85% modal launch condition is used specifically in the aerospace industry, and it widely used by Airbus for certification of its optical fiber harnesses.

Insertion loss test kits

Arden can also provide a full insertion loss test kit. This kit comes with an ALS – LED light source; a battery charger; a power meter and all the power meter leads/patchcords/couplers required.

Launch condition for Modal Controllers

The Modal Launch Conditions for our Aerospace modal controllers are specified in terms of the width of the Near Field Pattern at 5, 15 and 75% of the maximum. The specification limits are shown below. A Certificate of Conformance is provided as standard; a Test Certificate (850 and 1300nm) giving details of how it was measured is available as an option.

Launch condition for 62.5/125µm fiber

Intensity (% of max)Maximum value (µm)Minimum value (µm)

Launch condition for 50/125µm fiber

Intensity (% of max)Maximum value (µm)Minimum value (µm)

EF plot

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