The FGC Fiber and Array Geometry Measurement Systems – Latest Software

Release v5.0 of FGC software is applicable to the FGC-GT, GS and GA optical units.

Feature Benefit
MT Ferrule measurement Enables measurement of core positioning in MT ferrules using the FGC-GA
Capillary Measurement Enables measurement of small glass capillaries
Core-Inner Cladding Concentricity Enables measurement of Core-Inner Cladding Concentricity of double clad fibers

Screen shots

FGC v5.0 in “Reflection” mode

FGC v5.0 showing dual clad fiber

FGC v5.0 showing octagonal fiber

FGC v5.0 showing PM fiber

FGC v5.0 showing multi-fiber array

FGC v5.0 showing fiber templates

Software Version Feature Guide


Software version number V 2.0 V 3.0 v4.0 v4.5 v4.9 V5.0
Release date March 2016 August 2017 March 2018 March 2020 June 2020
User Manual Issue #  2  3 6 6 6 7
Line Profile
False colour display
User Definable Fiber Spec Templates
12-bit data analysis
Password protection for config mode
Automatic exposure control
Support Windows 8
Support 32-bit and 64-bit processors
Customizable Excel format report
One click export of FGC data
Keyboard shortcuts
Auto-centre display
Pm Measurement
Polygonal Measurement
multicore measurement
 Standard deviation displayed
Support Windows 10
HD edition
Fibre Array measurement
Scanning stage support
High resolution camera support
Bright field focus for connector
Imaging tools
Saturated Image Mode
CCC Angle
Dual-wavelength support
PM Illuminator support
MT Ferrule measurement
Capillary Measurement
Core-Inner Cladding Concentricity