Celebrating World Interferometry Day on 10th April!

In April 1881, Albert Abraham Michelson used his interferometer to try to measure Earth’s velocity. Since then, interferometry has been playing a pivotal role in the advancement of science and technology, such as the development and production of precision systems and components, including optical fibers and lasers.

At Arden, interferometry is a core technology for us to precisely characterise the end faces and cleave angles of cleaved or polished fibers, giving us valuable insights into the fiber cleaving and polishing process. Our interferometer VFI series works with standard optical fibers and most specialty fibers, and is used globally across diverse industries in research, production, and QA environments.

We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing new software for our VFI series to improve measurement performance, user experience and expand the capability to measure end face and cleave angle of hollow core fibers!

Please stay tuned for updates as we continue to push the boundaries of possibility in optical fiber measurement.

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