FGC measures square core fiber

Measuring Square Core Fiber’s Geometry Untaps its Full Potential

FGC measures square core fiber

The growing reliance on information technology and communication network is driving  demand for faster, more reliable and more efficient data transmission.  A groundbreaking advancement in this field is square core fiber, which features a square core instead of  the cylindrical core used in traditional optical fiber.   What are the key benefits and applications of square core fiber?  How do we measure the geometry of this specialty fiber?

Square core fiber is generally a multi-core fiber, and the unique shape of the core alters the modal structure of propagated light, thereby improving the optical performance and efficiency of the optical network system.

Square core fiber offers numerous benefits and enables various optical innovations.  It homogenises the output of the fiber by converting non-uniform light source to a more uniform output distribution.  Some square core fibers consist of bundles of a number of cylindrical cores to provide more power and transit more data in a given fiber size.  These advantages makes it ideal for applications which require extreme precision, such as medical imaging, laser cutting, and marking, and applications which require high transfer speed such as spectroscopy, 5G communication network and data centre.

Measurement square core fiber geometry is essential for the research and development, quality control, customising application and fiber production.  However, not all fiber geometry measurement system are created equal – not all of them can measure the unique fiber geometry, well.

Arden Photonics’ FGC Fiber Geometry Measurement system is a complete solution for measuring the dimensions of standard and specialty fiber, including square core fiber used in these innovative applications, in both production and R&D environments.  Calibrated to international standards, the system measures the widest range of fiber types up to 800 μm in diameter, and generates reliable, repeatable, operator-independent measurement results in seconds.

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