MPX Modal Explorer – Latest Software

Release v8.0 of MPX software is applicable to users of both MPX1 ( 850nm ) and MPX2 (1300nm ) with a USB 2.0 interface between computer and MPX optical unit. We strongly recommend all applicable users to upgrade. This version of software also supports the MPX API – a new way to access data and control the MPX programmatically. This enables automated testing and incorporation of the MPX into automated test routines. Please contact to get a quotation.

Please note – some early MPX-1s had an analog camera. ( serial number 1052 and lower ) and these units are not supported by the Version 8.0 software. If you have an analog MPX-1 and you want to take advantage of the latest software we can offer a hardware upgrade as well. Please contact us on the email address above to get a quotation.

Main features:

Feature Benefit
MPX API A new way to control and access data from the MPX programmatically to enable automated testing and enable incorporation of the MPX into integrated test routines (additional license required).
New Aerospace Templates New alternative template type to allow aerospace users to specify maximum and minimum radial widths for a set of given intensities.
Windows 10 32/64 bit processor support Can run on all the latest Windows computers. So there is no problem fitting in with your company’s IT departments requirements.
Larger Field of View Field of view increased by 16% to make fiber positioning and calibrating easier.
110µm maximum core diameter Increased maximum custom core diameter – can now create templates for fibers with cores of up 110µm.

Screen shots


Measure Mode

Aerospace Mode

Inspect Mode

Measure Mode with menu

Calibration Mode

Review Mode

Software Version Feature Guide

Software version number V 4.2 V 5.0 V 6.0 V 6.1 V 7.0 V 8.0
Release date Jan 2009 Jul 2010 Sep 2011 Feb 2012 Nov 2013 May 2016
Applicable User Manual Issue number 9 11 13 14 15 16
Zoom full view
Line profile
Power calibration
External centroid reference
MPD and MTF measurement
False colour display
Configurable EF templates
12-bit data analysis
Normalised intensity, radial collapsed intensity
Password protection for entry into engineering mode
Easy switching between 62.5µm and 50µm fber types
Convenient shutter speed control
Display EF as a table with the EF template
Calculate and display EF at any radius
Compact zipped data file
Mode-field diameter measurement
Review up to 10 EF data sets at once
MPX-2 camera cooling temperature monitor
Selectable centroid tracking
Improved optimization control
Improved power indicator
Customized core diameter with EF template
Support 32-bit and 64-bit processors
Customizable Excel format report
MFD and nominal core diameter overlayed onto live image
One click export of MPX data
Improved support for IEEE templates
Improved “Optimize” range control
Saves multiple reviewed files
Displays Relative EF
New EF template graph
MPX-2 calibration pack control up-dated
Improved image display performance
New keyboard shortcuts
Supports Windows 10
New Aerospace Template
16% Increased Field of View
110µm maximum core diameter
MPX API  support