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CIOE 2014

Sep 2014 - The 16th China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE), Shenzhen, China

2nd - 5th September 2014 - The Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China

Arden Photonics will be at this show in cooperation with our China distributor Linpu Instrument

Featured products will be the "ModCon" Mode Controller and the MPX-1 Encircled Flux meter

ECOC 2014

Sep 2014 - ECOC 2014

22nd - 24th September 2014 - Palais des Festivals, Cannes - Booth # 394


Aug 2013 - Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications

OCT phantom model

Arden Photonics, represented by David Robinson, was pleased to take part in the Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers and Their Applications. The event was hosted by ACREO, and organised by ACREO in conjunction with the OSA. It took place in the historic town of Sigtuna, not far from Stockholm in Sweden. The Workshop attracted around 180 delegates from all over the world. There were three tutorial speakers namely John Ballato from Clemson University, USA, Yoel Fink from MIT, USA and Philip Russell from the Max Planck Institute in Germany. Many attendees commented on the quality and variety of the work taking place currently on specialty fibers at the moment. The talks and posters covered topics including Photonic Crystal Fibers, Fiber Sensors, Nonlinear optics, and Fiber lasers.

Arden's VFI-1200 was available in the exhibition area for delegates to bring their own fiber samples so they could have a look at the structure with both a high magnification inspection mode and interferometrically.

OCT phantom model

Jul 2013 - NEW Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Validation Phantom

We are pleased to announce the release of the OCT phantom.. The APL-OP01 Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) phantom is a device to qualitatively and quantitatively characterize the performance of an OCT system, including spatially varying resolution, sensitivity, distortion and scan linearity. The phantom contains four geometrical patterns inscribed within a substrate to form localized refractive index changes.

Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a noninvasive optical imaging modality that provides real-time, 3D images with micron-level resolution and millimeters of imaging depth. OCT images consist of structural information from a sample based on light backscattered from different layers of material within the sample. The noninvasive nature of OCT makes it well suited for imaging samples such as biological tissue e.g. retinal scanning but it is also used to produce high resolution 3D images of materials.

Download Press Release here

ALS 85/85% aerospace LED light source

Jun 2013 - LED Light Source with 85/85 launch condition

We are pleased to announce the release of the ALS LED Light Source with 85/85% launch conditions. Aimed at companies working within or supplying to the European aircraft industry, this product is designed to meet the 85/85% launch condition called for by Airbus. The ALS light source combines a highly stable LED light source with the well-proven "ModCon" mode controller to give a convenient hand-held light source for factory or site use. Test kits containing lightsource/ powermeter and test cords in waterproof "Peli" case are also availble.

BQM-50 Laser Beam Propagation Analyzer

May 2013 - NPL collaboration results in new product launch

Arden Photonics is pleased to announce the release of the BQM-50 Laser Beam Propagation Analyzer. This product has been developed using NPL technology.


and will be shown for the first time at Laser World of Photonics in Munich on 13th - 16th May 2013.

Lesley Allison and David Robinson at ECOC 2012

Sep 2012 - ECOC 2012

Arden took part in the annual ECOC exhibition in Amsterdam this month. We took the opportunity to meet with customers, sales partners and business associates from Europe and around the world. As always our visitors appreciated live demos of the MPX Encircled Flux meter and the VFI cleave inspection interferometer. We also showcased our new 1300nm LED light source which produces 85/85 launch conditions suitable for Aerospace applications and a novel In-Fiber Polarizer which has high power handling capability ( >10W ) and high Extinction Ratio.


Richard Penzer

Jul 2012 - Arden welcomes new staff member

This month it is our pleasure to welcome Richard Penzer to the Arden team. Richard joined us at the beginning of July after completing an honours degree in geology at the University of Birmingham, just a few miles from Arden's facility in Solihull. As well as studying science at University, Richard has a keen interest in electronics and software.

Nitanai, Oide and Nosaka at Laser Expo 2012

Apr 2012 - Arden Photonics supports OptoScience Inc at LaserExpo 2012

OptoScience Inc, Arden Photonics' distributor in Japan, had one of the largest ( if not the largest ) booth at the recent LaserExpo show in Yokohama, Japan. The MPX-1, Modcon and the VFI-1200 were shown on the booth, and we enjoyed the support of Susumu Nitanai, Naoki Oide and Taizo Nosaka, shown in the picture. Arden Photonics Ltd was represented at the show by David Robinson. We are pleased to say that Japan was Arden's fastest growing market in Q1 of 2012, which is reward for two years of consistent effort shown by the OptoScience team during difficult times.

Jennifer Zhang, Shahram Naghshineh and David Robinson at OFC 2012

Mar 2012 - OgMentum Inc join Arden at OFC 2012

Arden Photonics Ltd used the opportunity of the 2012 OFC convention and exposition to announce its agreement with OgMentum Inc to sell Arden's full range of products in Western USA and China. Using its expertise in the fields of fiber optics, telecommunications and test and measurement, OgMentum will provide Arden Photonics with sales channel management and support services in these important markets. The OgMentum team will use its extensive network of connections to maximise sales of Arden’s products.

Jennifer Zhang and Shahram Naghshineh, OgMentum's Northern and Southern California sales engineers are pictured here with David Robinson, Arden's CEO at the Arden booth.

David Robinson at AIST showcase

Feb 2012 - Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies ( AIST ) showcase

Arden Photonics Ltd. was invited to speak at the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies ( AIST ) showcase event which featured AIST academics and business collaborators. The event was attended by over 50 local companies and research providers. David Robinson from Arden Photonics talked about ways in which SMEs can interact effectively with Aston University. Professor Turitsyn, the director of the AIST outlined his vision for the Institute, Dr David Webb gave details of Aston's pioneering work in optical fiber sensing and Dr Peter Foote of Bae Systems gave a large company perspective on working with Aston University.

VFI cleave inspection interferometer

May 2011 - VFI end face inspection interferometer

Arden Photonics Ltd. has launched the VFI-1200 optical fiber end-face interferometer, based on the foundations of the VF-20 Trio. The VFI-1200 is an interferometric inspection system designed for checking the surface quality and flatness of cleaved, polished or lensed fibers. Crisp end-face images show every defect, and high-contrast fringe patterns make it easy to estimate end angles. The 5-megapixel camera shows every detail and has a 6× digital zoom. Designed for fiber handling, proprietary fiber holders make the instrument accurate and easy to use. Third party adapter plates facilitate integration into critical cleaving and polishing operations. The holders can accommodate fibers with diameters from 125 to 1200 µm. The included software package enables the user to grab, save and print images, and to record quality assurance data and generate reports. The report generator lets operators include up to 20 cleave images in one report, along with comments. Other features include intensity line profile, intensity histogram, auto-optimization of intensity, end angle estimation, pseudo-color rendering and review of stored images. Applications include precision cleaver manufacture; cleaver maintenance; laser manufacture; medical device manufacturing; fiber R&D; and development and testing of angled cleaves and cleavers.

More details on the "VFI" range

Adedotun Adebeyo

Jul 2010 - CASE Studentship starts

On the 1st July, Adedotun Adebayo (pictured, right) started working towards a PhD in the Photonics Research Group at Aston University. Arden Photonics is pleased to be sponsoring this work through a CASE award.

Adedotun will be investigating novel properties of Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs) under the supervision of Professor Lin Zhang. During her 15 years at Aston University, Professor Zhang has established an extensive research track record in the area of advanced fiber grating technologies and applications and published over 300 papers in peer-review international journals and conferences, contributed a chapter to a book on Fiber Optic Sensors (CRC Press) and been an inventor of 7 patents.

David Robinson, Managing Director of Arden Photonics, commented " Our sponsorship of this award is aimed at strengthening Arden's already close ties with Aston University, and giving us access to world-class research which we hope will drive our new product development."

What are CASE awards?

CASE awards are designed to promote collaborative research between industry and universities in order to increase the competitiveness of participating companies. Each project enables the university to recruit and dedicate a top quality researcher to focus on an industrially focussed research project for a three year period. Each researcher is supervised by a leading academic from a relevant technical area.

Kristi Sharma

Jun 2010 - Congratulations to Kristi

We heard today (16th June) that Kristi Sharma has been awarded a 1st Class degree in Electronic Engineering by Aston University. Kristi has been our "helping hands" during her undergraduate studies at Aston. She has helped us with everything from book-keeping to fusion splicing, and always with a smile!

So well done Kristi from all the team at Arden Photonics. We hope you go on to enjoy great success in the future.

Royston House

Aug 2009 - Arden Photonics move to new premises

Arden Photonics move to larger premises in Solihull. The new premises give Arden more space to expand their production facilities and to continue to grow. The location is easy to reach via Junction 4, M42 or from the A34.

May 2009 - AMS Technologies to distribute Arden products

AMS Technologies logo

Arden Photonics is pleased to announce that it has appointed AMS Technologies to become its new distributor in Europe.

AMS Technologies, based in Munich, Germany brings high tech solutions to customers in Europe. Its aim is to have technology experts who can work locally with customers to recommend high quality products for specialised applications.

May 2009 - METAS chooses Modal Explorer

METAS logo

METAS, the Federal Office of Metrology in Switzerland has chosen Arden's Modal Explorer to be one element of the basis of its Encircled Flux measurement capability. The Modal Explorer was chosen for its high degree of compliance with International standards and also the level of technical support which Arden Photonics is able to provide.

METAS is currently undertaking a detailed study into the measurement of Encircled Flux.

METAS, based near Bern in Switzerland, realises and disseminates internationally harmonised and recognised units of measurement with the necessary accuracy. It supervises the deployment of measuring instruments in the fields of commerce, traffic, public safety, health and environment and delivers various services to the benefit of society, economy and research

May 2009 - Arden reaches regional final of Business Awards

Arden Photonics is proud to announce that they have reached the regional final of the National Business Awards – the UK's most sought after business accolade.

Arden are finalists in the Business Innovation category, which is awarded to an organisation that demonstrates a proven ability to create, grow and develop innovations or processes that substantially improve the commercial performance or prospects of the company.

The winners will be announced at the regional awards final on 16th July 2009

Jul 2008 - Arden launches new Fibre Shaker

Fibre shaker

Arden Photonics is pleased to announce the launch of its new Fibre Shaker. Arden’s Modal Explorer makes real-time measurement of Encircled Flux easy, and accurate, and it complies with international standards, but if you are measuring laser-based transmission light sources for multimode systems you may need to use a test jumper assembly and fiber shaker in order to avoid “speckle”.

The fibre shaker reduces speckle by changing the differential path length of the various modes in the fibre, ensuring sufficient repeatability for the measurement of the encircled flux.


Jun 2008 - Arden to distribute ESDI

Large mirror

We are pleased to announce that Arden Photonics has been chosen by ESDI (Engineering Synthesis Design Inc of Tucson, AZ, USA to distribute its full range of optical metrology products in the UK and Ireland.

Engineering Synthesis Design, Inc. is widely recognized as a leading innovator in the field of surface & wavefront metrology.  ESDI's ground breaking technology includes many notable industry firsts such as IntelliWave™, the world-renowned, device independent software for interferometer surface and wavefront analysis to the Intellium Asphere, the world's fastest interferometer for aspheric metrology.

See full press release.

Apr 2008 - Arden moves to new offices

In order to cope with increased orders, we moved to new offices this month. Our new premises are in the same building - the iBIC on Aston Science Park - but have over twice the floor area of the old offices.

All our contact information remains the same.