nPA-600 Refractive Index Profiler

Arden launches the new Refractive Index Profiler nPA-600

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product, the nPA-600 Refractive Index Profiler, which measures the refractive index profiles of optical fibers up to 600 μm in diameter. The nPA-600 utilises a modified refracted near-field technique to analyse a fiber end-face and determine the full 2D refractive index distribution. This innovative product is ideal for verifying specialty fiber design and manufacturing processes, making it a valuable tool for professionals working in the optical fiber industry.

One of the key features of the nPA-600 is its ability to measure the most fibers in the market.  It is capable of measuring the refractive index profiles of circularly symmetric fibers and non-circularly symmetric fibers, such as polarisation maintaining, octagonal, and multi-core fibers, up to 600 μm in diameter.

The nPA-600 is accurate, fast and easy to use.  Fiber sample preparation and measurement can be as fast as 2 minutes, and 2D refractive index distribution measurement takes only seconds, which is significantly faster than traditional refractive index profilers.  It has traceable calibration to ensure the accuracy of the refractive index profile measurements. The nPA-600 comes with the latest nPA v2.0 software that boosts the system’s performance and enhances user experience, and its new API makes it easy to integrate the nPA-600 seamlessly with other systems, making it an ideal tool for optical fiber professionals in the optical fiber industry.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the nPA-600 Refractive Index Profiler,” said David Robinson, CEO and founder of Arden Photonics Limited. “Our innovative product is designed to offer a quick and easy way to obtain the refractive index data needed for specialty fiber design and manufacturing. With its fast and easy measurement capabilities, and easy integration with other systems, the nPA-600 is an essential tool for anyone working with specialty fibers.”

For more information about the nPA-600 refractive index profiler, please speak to our team of passionate optical fiber measurement specialists or visit our website.

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