Euramet project meeting in Madrid

Euramet Project Meeting

Ed and David from Arden Photonics recently attended a meeting of the “PhotInd” project in Madrid, Spain. The meeting was hosted by the Spanish national research council CSIC. During the meeting Ed presented updates on our work on far field measurements. Ed and David are shown here with our project partners from all over Europe. They include researchers from several of Europe’s National Metrology Institutes including METAS, NPL, VTT and CMI as well as SMEs.

The PhotInd project

The “PhotInd” project is a 3 year collaborative project titled “Improved metrology for the photonics industry”. The aim of this project is to develop characterisation and calibration techniques for the latest generation of photonic components and devices in both optical fibres and waveguides, which will underpin their development and manufacture. This will strengthen the competitiveness of the European photonics industry, enabling innovation and providing faster, cheaper data connections.

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